12 Recycled Easter Crafts for the Home

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(photo: Plastic Easter Egg Tea Cups, Creativity in Progress)
Easter is fast approaching and many have already begun styling their homes with fun accents. Easter (or Resurrection Sunday) may be a huge religious holiday, but is also a time to celebrate family and pastels. How many of us have memories of coloring eggs and making lovely baskets? Now if you are behind the decorating curve there is still time to get into the spirit.
While decorating may turn holidays into memorable times, it can also increase our wasteful habits. Temporary decorations quickly turn into new finds for the trash as tons ditch seasonal décor without a second thought. Don’t be discouraged from decorating as you can craft up cool pieces for the home with unexpected items. Take a look at these fabulous (and recycled) Easter crafts.
Spring Nest Craft, The Childs Paper
12 Recycled Easter Crafts for the Home
  1. Recycled Easter Basket (Parenting magazine)
  2. Egg Garden (Disney Family Fun)
  3. Plastic Easter Egg Tea Cups (Creativity in Progress)
  4. How to Weave an Easter Basket from Recycled Boxes (Craft Stylish)
  5. Homemade Recycled Easter Bunny Basket (Make and Takes)
  6. Spring Nest Craft (The Child’s Paper)
  7. Egg Carton Flowers (Skip to My Lou)
  8. Tisket Tasket Bean Bag Basket (Thrifty Fun)
  9. Fabric-Wrapped Easter Tins (Better Homes & Gardens)
  10. Easter Egg Trees (Crayola)
  11. Cardboard Tube Chicks (Crafts by Amanda)
  12. Bunny Basket (Disney Family Fun)
Egg Garden, Disney Family Fun
Fabric-Wrapped Easter Tins, Better Homes & Gardens

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