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Casa Diseño is an online resource that not only demystifies the home, but also provides inspiration on ways to enjoy it. Focusing on lifestyle decorating advice, interior styling tips, hosting ideas and your occasional celeb gab, we provide fresh content served daily. We’re also happy to provide other resources that range from parenting tips, career and personal finance advice (coming soon), and becoming the best version of you.

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Tanvier is the founder and creative director of Casa Diseño. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland Tanvier has spent years styling residential interiors for clients building homes, along with choosing furnishings and fixtures for builders in the District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia area.

In 2007, she relocated to the New York City area where she took on design clients. Her love for the home and gab would soon come together when she started the Casa Diseño site. Tanvier has helped expand the brand’s identity reaching thousands of readers across the world, and is the face of the company. As of summer 2014, Tanvier, her husband and baby son relocated to the Oklahoma City area where they’re enjoying more space and relaxed living.

**UPDATE** Given she loves a fun challenge, Tanvier and her husband are expecting their second child June 2015!

In addition to having a love for the home, Tanvier also lends her voice to mommy advice and tips–along with career strategy and work/life balance.

She’s a gal that loves to have fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.