Elsa Pataky Opens Doors to Nursery

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Hemsworth Nursery, Elsa Pataky Confidential

Elsa Pataky YO DONA Magazine, June 2013

{YO DONA Magazine, June 2013}

Elsa Pataky is more than her title as Mrs. Chris Hemsworth though that looks like a great role to have. She is a model, actress, producer and now a proud madre of three children (recently gave birth to twin boys). It was such a delight to find out she has a blog on Spain Glamour‘s website called Elsa Pataky Confidential where she shares an inside look into her life, hobbies and motherhood among other things.

The Hemsworth nursery is currently used by all three children (daughter India, almost two years old and twins Tristan and Sasha) though she reveals big sis typically sleeps with her parents. The new twins will share the above crib (she purposely chose a larger size).

Hemsworth Nursery, Elsa Pataky Confidential 2

 From the images on her site grace was created through the use of neutral hues both on the wall and in the bedding. However in the same breath, Pataky used playful, jovial colors common with growing tots as the soft flooring has splashes of coral, yellow, blues and greens.

Hemsworth Nursery, Elsa Pataky Confidential 3

What do you think about the color/furnishing selections? Share your thoughts below!

nursery images via elsa pataky confidential

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